Why is the user details function different between Flutter and React?

React Version:

Flutter Version:

Dark mode is only available in Flutter… while User functions are only available in React.


@david I assume dark mode is on the backlog for the React app?

Which specific features are missing from the Flutter app?

Google Oauth, Custom Fields, Preferences, like Show PDF Preview

  • Google Oauth: This feature isn’t supported on all platforms
  • Custom Fields: These can be configured on Settings > Custom Fields
  • Preferences, like Show PDF Preview: This option is on Settings > Device Settings


Google Oauth isn’t supported in Flutter. That’s interesting. Well, the headache for me is dark mode in React.

Google OAuth is supported in the Flutter web and mobile apps but not the desktop apps.

makes sense. thank you


Dark Mode is on the list, but we are prioritizing functionality currently in the React app.