Why do I have upgrade button self hosted V5


I upgraded to version V5.3.84 and now how this upgrade button:

I am not sure if it was there before as I am assessing whether to swap from v4 to v5 so I haven’t used this version much. I don’t know what version I was on before upgrading.

If I click on the green upgrade button it takes me to a screen that say I am on the free plan.

Has this button been here before or is it a new “feature”?
Is there a way to remove this button?


Yes, this button started to show up in one of the recent versions.
In 5.3.68 this doesn’t show up.

Correct, it’s basically an “internal ad” for getting the whitelabel license :rofl:

Good question. Would like to know that myself, even though our customers all get a whitelabel license so they shouldn’t be bothered.

Thanks for the reply.
I am still evaluating wether to go to version 5 just yet so I haven’t been using it and I thought that button wasn’t there before so thank you for the sanity check! I thought I was imagining things.

If I decide to use version 5 then I will white list.