Whoops - Migration 4.5.37 > v5.4.4-C85


That makes sense. The mac error is caused by trying to decode the config, could we bring over the gateway but with a blank config?

Thank you both for helping me out! It’s greatly appreciated.

I will try to migrate again on Monday.

You product is really wonderful, but self host maintenance is a challenge :wink:


Hi @hillel and @david

Judging from my efforts so far and the topics of others, migration is not a simple and straightforward task. I have decided to go from the clean v5 version and keep v4 instance for past view.

I did, however, CSV export/import clients, and even here many fields were not transferred and I had to update clients manually.

Nevertheless, both versions work now. I have some questions but will create new topics for other users to find more easily.

Thank you for your help.


Glad to hear it’s working now, thanks for the update!

I think one of the main problems here was caused by the APP_KEY being changed, we’ll try to handle this more gracefully in the future. Thanks for your help debugging the issue.