White-Labeling not working everywhere


Within Invoice Design section, the white-labelling is working and the “created by Invoice Ninja” is not displaying


When one produces an invoice the white-labelling is not working and the “created by Invoice Ninja” is displaying

Version 4.x works perfectly for us.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Version is 5.0.25-release


Here is image showing white-labelling not working correctly, I have clear cache and rebooted server several times.


Thanks for letting us know, we’ll make sure it’s corrected

They don’t make it very obvious how you can purchase a white-level license can anyone provide a direct link, please?

There’s an option to purchase a license in the app on Settings > Account Management

Unfortunately after renewing White Label the renewal date does not change on our self-hosted Invoice Ninja. Not only that there’s no way to enter the new license key (one has to download the invoice to get it, it would be easier if it would just come in the renewal notice).

It looks like you are expecting us to just wait out the 8 days before renewal and then come back to enter the key after expiry.

If so, I find the experience unprofessional. It means our clients will be on InvoiceNinja for at least a few hours if not a few days without White Label and I have to add a special calendar entry to add white label to InvoiceNinja again.

As you know from which domain I purchased the renewal it should be added it automatically.

It would behoove you to have more respect for your paying users time.

If I’m wrong about how renewing white label works, please enlighten me. Either way, this process should be a lot simpler for users.

Agreed, we’re looking into adding the ability to auto-renew the license in the new version of the app.

@hillel I’m not interested in auto-renew. I’m interested in you updating the expiry date of my license when I’ve paid for it.

Please do it manually right now for Foliovision. I suggest you automate the process, as you already have all the data even in v4 of Invoice Ninja.

After reading through the migration hell of v4 to v5 and the issues we faced setting up v4 in the first place to work mostly as well as Freshbooks, we’re not very interested in migrating to v5.

I imagine you would find that many of your customers feel the same way.

Fix your payment systems, hillel, that’s the basics of business. Particularly when you are in the payment system business.

Please send an email to contact@invoiceninja.com