White Label Issues

Long time user, self-hosted and fresh install.

Decided to pick up the white label license, and that went off with a hitch. I did however get two keys on my invoice. The first key, I can place into the system and apply, however the when the system claims “Settings Saved” nothing has actually changed. The second key, upon applying simply crashes Invoice Ninja with foreign key constraint issues.

Any help would be appreciated!



You shouldn’t see a ‘Settings Saved’ message, how are you applying the license?

I’m getting the standard “Settings updated successfully” notification box after I hit “Submit” – I’m entering the key via the footer “White Label” href at the bottom of each page.

Try loading this link:


If it doesn’t help please email the license you’re using and we’ll check it.

Worked like a charm!

Appreciate the support!


Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!