White-label code does not work (it did 1st time)


I had a business a year ago and bought a white-label code for it. It worked perfectly. Then the business has changed its legal form and address, so I have created a second business in Invoice Ninja and used it.

Now (after a year) I wanted to white-label the invoices for the second business. I clicked on Buy white-label code. But:

  1. the business name and address in the invoice from invoiceninja.com is not correct (it shows my old business instead of the new one) – is there a way to change it?
  2. the code I bought does not work. When I apply it, there is no error message, but the labels are simply not removed.

How can I get this working? (v4.5.19)

Nevermind, I have removed the white-label check in the source code, so this is working now.

However I’d still like to get a correct invoice for the accounting … hoping that someone can help :slight_smile:

Please send an email to contact@invoiceninja.com with the update info