Where is the attach document?

Hi, I’m trying to attach a doc/PDF to an invoice but don’t see where to do that. It used to be in the invoicing part down by the comment, there was a button for docs…I don’t see that. I have enterprise and have enabled pdf’s and docs in email settings, but still nothing. Is it on the email page where you create the email?

Click “Invoices” on the left side, click the invoice you want to attach the PDF to once, so you see the preview pane for this invoice on the right side. The preview pane has five riders, the middle one should be “Documents”, if you click that, you should get an upload button.

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Thank you. That did it. Not as simple as v4!

FYI… we plan to support adding documents while creating a record in the future, it just takes time.

This only works for me in the web version of v5. Not the App. Version 5.0.68 (68). I’m running macOS Monterey 12.1.