Where can I add terms and offline payment details?

I been searching/browsing for settings for the invoices where I can details such as offline/bank wire payment details and late payment terms etc. so they are added to the invoice each time you generate new invoice, (so you do no have to do it manually each time), but i cannot seem to find it.

Where can I add these things?

Thanks a bunch in advance.
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It’s on Settings > Company Details > Defaults

There are a lot of options, the settings search is a great way of finding things

I was browsing that part… I guess I missed that. Thank you very much for the help Hillel.

Is there a way to configure the system so it understands that you only accept offline payments by the way? My business is not an online shop or something like that but an a more traditional business type. By not doing direct online payments you would save money by not having to pay all those fees that the payment gateway company charges

Thanks again…

Not sure I understand, if you don’t add any payment gateways then the online payment parts of the app are disabled.

I did attempt and made an test invoice and sent it…
Then clicked the link in the email and logged in as customer.
When you click “pay” the system doesn’t actually inform the customer that you only accept bank wire payments - instead its just blank. So from the customers way of seeing it they are stuck in limbo and will think that the system doesn’t work/is bugged or something because they are not presented with an option to pay with.
Hence why I asked if there was a feature for enable “offline payments” so that is reflected in the client portal.

Thanks in advance.

You can use a custom gateway to show a message for offline payments when clicking pay.

Ok so which fields should I fill out so it would work fine?

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You would want to add a custom gateway on Settings > Online Payments

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Hi @AngryWarrior

Like Hillel wrote, this is done by using a custom payment option/gateway.

Have a look at this thread for variables:


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Thanks guys for the help.
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