When using subscriptions and stripe, country defaults to Afganistan

When using subscriptions and stripe, country defaults to Afganistan…

There’s no field to display for country during the checkout and the fields in the app under

  • Settings
  • Online Payments
  • Configure Gateways
  • Stripe Connect
  • Edit
  • Settings
  • Required Fields

Doesn’t have an option to show country? Also, the thread below doesn’t help…

Any thoughts guys?


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david @ben

Thanks for reporting :+1:

Thanks once again for reporting this, however, I am unable to replicate. Can you please record a screencat or at least screenshot where it shows AF as default country? Thanks.

Sure, here’s a quick screencast…

Interestingly amounts of $0.30 go through as “paid” but the problem occurs with amonuts of $1 and more with Stripe…

Here’s a screenshot from a PDF with the same problem…

Is this a setting I need to configure in IN or Stripe that I’ve missed?

I’ve checked Country settings in IN and Stripe and that is fine…

Two more screenshots from the PDF invoices…

Note the different email addresses…

I suspect that the problem I am having is similar to the one below…

Here’s my setup/assumptions…

  • A user clicks on a subscription link and makes a purchase
  • The only required field for the portal is email, country isn’t required for sure!
  • New users setup in the portal default to Afghanistan as it’s the first country in the list
  • Afghanistan is entered as the default, even though no data was collected for this field

So I guess auto-filling the country when the field isn’t included in registration is the problem perhaps?

Yeah, I just signed up as a new user on the client portal… No country field to fill so it defaults to Afghanistan…

@bruce, thanks i’ll take a look.

@bruce, i see the issue, checking in a fix, this will be available in the next release.

Thank you… how can I track new releases in the hosted version please? @david

Hi Bruce,

Typically we release to hosted every Sunday, unless there is an urgent patch.

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