What's the best way to get products from V4 into V5?

When I export products using V4, only 4 fields are exported. “User”, “Product”, “Notes” and “Cost”. I clearly have other fields such as Part Number, SKU, Status, Supplier. Why or how do I export these and get them into V5? Thanks in advance.


The best option to transfer the data is to use the migration tool.

Another option may be to use a tool like phpMyAdmin to export the products table from the database.

Thanks for that info. I have 2 companies, all products seem to be meshed together. What MySQL field determines the company so i can split the products into the correct companies on import?

I am using self hosted and do not see an option for “Migration Tool” in either V4 or V5.

Which version of v4 are you using?

I’m using v4.0.1. I have not upgraded because I wanted to go straight to V5.

You need to upgrade to the latest v4 version to use the migration tool.