What is while lable


What is white label included?
I will be installing on self hosted, installing from softaculous
Is it just removing the Invoice Ninja in the invoice/quote?

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It removes the Invoice Ninja branding from the invoice and client portal.

thanks for fast respond.

Does it simply say that admin nor client wont see anything says “Invoice Ninja”?
and is it possible to remove decimals?

Sorry for stupid question

Admins will continue to see our logo/branding, removing it from the admin section requires joining our reseller program.


You can change the currency precision by updating the database table and then clearing the cache.

Sorry, I am no so clear about this reseller program and you refer to affiliate program.

by the way…

Affiliates Programs

Does it mean to have invoice ninja I have to pay $500 ?

Another question.

I have successfully remove the decimals, thank you.
I now need to make the total wider as my currency has too many value, please advice how do i fix this issue, https://i.imgur.com/dbbasr7.png

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Here are the steps to fix it:

  • Navigate to /settings/customize_design
  • Search for 35 and change the second match to 45
  • Search for 76 and change it to 56
  • Search for 182 and change it to 202
  • Click save and use the new custom design

How are you using the app, is it for personal use or are you reselling it?

  1. Thank you for the advice, but it still showing the samething, and the phone number is missing, https://i.imgur.com/3TzXAKX.png
  2. I have been using fusioninvoice and I want to move to Invoice Ninja, this might called personal use, does this matter for having a complete white label?

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Maybe the problem is it’s showing the client vs contact phone number.

yes, thats 2 issue for now.
And the invoice to: and from and invoice date isnt working with invloce label option, where can I change that language?
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If you change the client’s language you need to click ‘View as recipient’ to see the translated version.

Indonesian isnt available yet as an option in the language drop down, can I just go to any file to make the change while there is not in invoice label?

and what about the column size for the total amount?

Thank you

Our translations are managed here: https://www.transifex.com/invoice-ninja/invoice-ninja/dashboard/
The texts are listed here: https://github.com/invoiceninja/invoiceninja/blob/master/resources/lang/en/texts.php

I’m not sure, maybe try adjusting the numbers. In my testing it fixed the issue.

I have copy the “en” folder and rename it as id, I have cleared the cache with ?clear_cache=true but its not register in language dropdown.

Ok, I will try to pay around with the numbers, please show me yours that fixed with amount of hundreds millions.

Thank you

To add your own language you’d need to add a record to the languages table and then clear the cache.

I posted the values above which fixed the problem for me.