What is the life expectancy of V4

Another feature that would be great. I have a customer that sometimes has to send back items to their vendor and the vendor does not do refunds but does credit memos.

So they have to keep a separate record outside of invoice ninja to keep track of what credit they have with the vendor.

It would be great if credits could also be allowed for vendors. And that you can apply those credits to invoices and expenses.

Is this possible because it be a huge benefit for people who sell products online and they are not the supplier of the products it might be sent from their vendor/distributor. I hope that make sense.

Thanks for the suggestion, the best way to request features is to create an issue here:

For the task issue, start is working correctly but stop is not. We’ll need to look into it.

Found an error 422: amounts do not balance correctly.

Was making a partial payment on an invoice from the payment screen. Here is a snapshot

The only way it would go through is if you put exact amount owed in. Often my customers make partial payments. So there could be 10 payments for one invoice over several months.

I really like how you have the buttons laid out - very user friendly this way than the other way. Great job!!

I think you may be misunderstanding how the form is meant to be used (we’re working to clarify it…).

If you select an invoice the first amount field is optional, you only need to set it if you want the total payment amount to be more than the amount applied to the invoice. For example you could create a $20 payment where $10 is applied to an invoice and $10 is left on credit for the client.

In the screenshot above you’ve set the total amount to be less than the amount applied to the invoice which is not valid.

Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: It worked when I changed the other amount field.

Thanks for catching the tasks bug, we’ve checked in a fix which will be included with the next release.

Is there a better place to report things I find on the demo?

Here is something I found.

  1. Went into existing invoice that has been paid and edit it to update the invoice with additional 300 charge. (In demo this is Rau and Sons invoice number 0003)

It went great and you can see it switched to a partial payment and shows the balance of 300.

  1. Gave Rau and Sons a 25 credit under credits. It went well and you can see their credit under credits.

  2. Issue is when you want to use “Apply Credit” to the credit line item on the credit screen.
    It takes you to enter the payment. The list of invoices that comes up at this point is showing the amount that has been paid and payment complete. Which is not helpful. But I understand that it is a list of payments because you are on the payment screen.

It might be more helpful if you don’t see the list of payments, instead you see a list of invoices with outstanding balances. OR you see only invoices that apply to the client, not payments.

Is this something I should send to github? Since this is a demo - I was not sure where I should post it.

GitHub is best for feature requests, the forum/Slack is better for general UI/UX feedback like this.

The new web app has a simpler UI, when you enter a payment you only see the enter payment form.

I tried v5 a couple times, each time, I stumbled with getting v4 to connect to v5, I am not sure if it was a firewall issue, or the requirement that both hosts have a different name, in any event, I would have been a bit closer to a v5 migration if v5 allowed importing v4 JSON files.

If you need help with the migration please create a new post with the error you’re seeing and we’ll try to help.

Is there any news on the new v5 React app? I’ve looked around to no avail.

In the latest release we’ve added a button to the dashboard to enable it.