What is the life expectancy of V4

Thanks for clarifying. I’ve heard you’re working on a UI overhaul for v5. Really hope it will be at the very least equally as good as that of v4. The v5 user experience ultimately made us stick with v4.

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@Navir , we are working on a React application which will feel a lot more like v4, we should have some news on this soon, we are hoping to have a beta release in the coming week or two.

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Sounds promising! Excited to give it a try.

Are you able to provide any specific examples of what you prefer about the v4 UX, we’re continuing to develop the v5 desktop app and are very responsive to constructive feedback.

What I love about V4 it is easy on the eyes and it feels user friendly. V5 feels like you have to search for things and it’s too busy.

Example: When you are in an invoice the buttons for mailing invoice, saving and such are right there, you don’t have to look for them through a drop down menu. Less Clicks to accomplish something is way better.

In V5 - I do like that you can download a desktop app

Thanks for the feedback!

Most software decisions involve compromises, the buttons are a good example. In v4 sometimes the buttons are at the top of the page (ie. edit client), sometime the middle (ie. edit invoice) and sometimes at the bottom (ie. edit expense/task). In v5 the app is consistent, the buttons are always in the top right corner across the mobile, web and desktop apps.

That said we’re constantly working to improve the UX of the app, it’s an ongoing process. Another user recently posted some more examples of v4/v5 differences: V5 UI/UX feedback

Thinking about this more one solution could be to use the empty space in the app header to show the actions. This would reduce the clicks from 2 to 1.

I like that solution with having them in the app header to show the actions. Less clicks make me happy - specially since I use the software all day long and so do several of my customers.

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I think it turned out well, you can try it out here:


Thanks again for your feedback!

@hillel nice work. This is a great improvement.

While playing with the demo I noticed an issue where none of the scroll bars can be grabbed from the edge. This does not respect Fitts’ Law. To make things worse clicking the edge causes the page/pane to scroll down by itself instead. One should easily be able to grab the bars from the very edge without a second thought which is how most apps work.

Thanks for the feedback!

The scrollbars are handled by the underlying framework, I’m sure they will improve with time.

Something I would absolutely love is that you take off the ability to install the desktop software from when you login. Instead make it a link within the settings, so that people have the option to install.

I have noticed at times because this pops up, that it stalls out and you just have a gray screen. I really like that you can install the desktop software, I just would rather go to settings to set that in motion then have it try to auto popup in my browser.

It might eliminate some issues too. My hosting company had to open up exec() in php 8 in order for Invoice Ninja to work. Which they do not like and feel it creates a security risk. Is the fact that install desktop option shows up in the browser URL bar the reason you need the exec() to be enabled? Because I gladly give up the the desktop install to please my hosting company in creating a more secure server for my website.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think you may be confusing the option to install the web app as a PWA and the separate desktop app.

You are correct - I am confused on what it is called. When I hover over the icon it says “install Invoice Ninja” so I assumed that it was referred to as a desktop app. But it be nice that it does not auto come up, and an option for it would be under the settings.

Got it, understood. In case you haven’t seen it here’s the link to the full desktop app:


Thanks :slight_smile:
I have several customers using invoice ninja for their web business. I started panicking when the new version would not work with php 8 on my hosting. I have used other invoice software in the past and after a while they would not support updates and then I have to find something else. Which was a lot of work - trying to match up databases and such. But when I found Invoice Ninja it was user friendly, I like the way the database is laid out and my customers love that they can just log in from any device.

I really hope and pray that Invoice Ninja will continue strong, so that there are many more years that I and my customers can enjoy it.

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In your demo, I noticed under New Tasks that you have the options to start and stop the task. But it does not show up on the bottom. You just get blank lines and it switches the screen to edit task.

See below:

It is recording the time, but not displaying it. If you click on tasks and then select it from the list you do see the time it recorded there.

Another feature that would be great. I have a customer that sometimes has to send back items to their vendor and the vendor does not do refunds but does credit memos.

So they have to keep a separate record outside of invoice ninja to keep track of what credit they have with the vendor.

It would be great if credits could also be allowed for vendors. And that you can apply those credits to invoices and expenses.

Is this possible because it be a huge benefit for people who sell products online and they are not the supplier of the products it might be sent from their vendor/distributor. I hope that make sense.

Thanks for the suggestion, the best way to request features is to create an issue here:

For the task issue, start is working correctly but stop is not. We’ll need to look into it.