What is the future outlook of the IN platform?

I’m struggling to get organized in a business which is growing hundreds of percent annually. I’m trying to streamline the customer check-in and check-out process and I’m looking at Invoice Ninja with credit terminal/gateway/Quickbooks integration as a candidate.

I’m wondering what the outlook is for this platform? Is it actively and vigorously in development? Is it likely to be a long-term stable platform with a great future? I realize that’s a loaded question but there’s the other end of that answer which is that it’s a smaller platform and whilst it is in development, I may want to look into something with more immediate support. For example, if I’m having trouble checking a customer out with their credit card, is there phone support?



The app is constantly being developed.

We provide support via email, Slack and on this forum but aren’t available to speak on the phone.