What is everyone's experience on the v4 to v5 self-hosted migration?

To get the edit button, I need to click the invoice, and then the sidebar appears, and then I can click Edit there, which works if the user has the side pane open.

I’m not sure why you need to do this, there is an edit button just to the left of the 3 dots button. That’s why the edit option is removed from the dropdown list.

there is an edit button just to the left of the 3 dots button

Yes, but only in one view. Please read the last paragraph and screenshot of my post and you’ll see the problem. There’s two 3-dot dropdown menus:

  • One on the right side in the details pane (which is fixed if you’re using List view, and is closable if using Table view)
  • One on the left side of each invoice in the main body of the page, either in List or Table view.

The 3-dot menu I’m referring to is on the left side, the main page, not the details pane.

When in table view, the 3-dot menu on the left of each invoice in the list does not contain the Edit button. I think it should be here.

When in List view, the view with the fixed side bar, ironically, the Edit button exists on the 3-dot menu in the list and the right side of the page in its standalone form. This is perfect. But I use Table view, and in table view, Edit isn’t in the 3-dot menu on the main portion of the page.

In summary, the 3-dot menu that exists when clicking the 3-dots next to each invoice in the list (see screenshot 1) should contain the Edit button regardless of List view or Table view. Edit is there in List view, Edit is not there in table view.

In the table view there is a separate edit icon button which is not shown in the list view. Since there is a dedicated edit button we don’t need to also show it in the dropdown list.

In the table view there is a separate edit icon button which is not shown in the list view.

This isn’t what I have. Please see my third screenshot (shown below again). Here’s what I see, the screenshot below is list view, and there are two edit buttons. The first edit button is dedicated (top right of screenshot), and the 3-dot menu next to that edit button does not contain Edit, which makes sense since it’s right next to the Edit button. The second edit button is in the other 3-dot menu, shown towards the left side of the screenshot below. This is what I want in table view, the second edit button (see my first screenshot above and you can see it’s not there, like it is in list view):

In your first screenshot above you can see the edit button, it’s the circle with the pencil inside.

it’s the circle with the pencil inside

Oh my goodness thank you haha. When you kept saying the Edit button was right next to the menu, I was looking for the “Edit” text the whole time, like in the top right of the right side details pane. I had no idea that this particular circle with the pencil was the edit button. What threw me off was if you hover over it, it doesn’t say Edit at all, but rather “Long Press to Select”, so I only ever tried long pressing it, never just clicking it. Sure enough, single left clicking it brings me to the edit screen. Thanks again!

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After having used invoiceninja for about 6years now i did the self-hosted-migration some day’s ago that went pretty smooth but now i have some questions.

  • Is the google-maps integration gone? Despite having the api-key added nothing happens.
  • Updates don’t work. When aked for the secret i get an “invalid password” message and an xhr https://domain.de/api/v1/self-update? = 412 error-code.
  • My expense-documents have been moved to a puplic location. Is that due to the migration or is “security through obscurity” the only counter-measure here?
  • snappdf: i managed to download but it doesn’t seem to work :man_shrugging:

so far:
still figuring out if i like the flutter- or the react-style better,
redesigning my templates since those did not survive the migration

Hi @a.saage,

  • v5 doesn’t currently use Google Maps, @david thoughts on adding it in the React app?
  • Are you providing your password or the API secret? The app expects your password.
  • @david any thoughts?
  • hosted_ninja is easier to use, if you’re seeing a specific error we can try to help.
  • In v5 we’ve changed to using HTML/CSS for the designs, we think for many reasons it’s a much better option however we can’t automatically migrate v4 designs.

Hi @hillel
the lack of Maps is not really a dealbraker for me - i was just curious because of invoiceninja/.env.example at v5-stable · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · GitHub .
Also was prepared to rewok my invoice templates - so no issue there.
Can you elaborate on the expense-documents or rather all documents under https://domain.tld/documents/obfuscatedfilename.pdf? I’d prefer if this route is only available for authenticated users.
For the update: i provided the update_secret from my .env file. Now i used my password and it works. So this is maybe just something i did not find in any docs. Thanks for the hint.
For pdf-generation: i think i will stick to hosted_ninja for now.

We can add this to the feature map for React (Google maps / other free maps)

412 http error could mean your client body size is not big enough?

I believe we use the same directory structure as v4 for documents.

For snappdf you’ll want to download as the webuser, otherwise you’ll run into execution errors due to the different user.

@david regarding directory structure:
Is this still in use? FILESYSTEM_DRIVER
Maybe that’s the reason the location changed - but i can’t find anything about ist.

It looks like there was a change with Laravel that caused this .env var to change to