COMPLETELY NEW HERE so please go easy on me.

I am testing InvoiceNinja on the invoiceninja.com / I am on the 14day trial period.

I made a test client and a few test products.
Going to quote and creating a quote using some of the test products and then saving as draft.

Then “more Options” => “New proposal”

Proposal menu is opening I am choosing the default template and I press the :send email: button.

  1. I am getting the email as customer, without any attachments is that right?
  2. I follow the link and I am able to see the proposal inside the client portal.The proposal doesn’t contain the entries from the quote ie the table with the products / prices quantities etc, is that right?
  3. Inside the client portal if I press any other link (dashboard / invoices ) there is no way I can navigate again to the proposal lists. There is no quote button nither. Is that right?
  4. if the client approves the proposal then the quote is showing up and the whole portal is empty not the approved proposal nor the approved quote.Is that right?

A few more questions that I would appreciate some answers.

  1. is it a way that I can transform - import the proposals that I already got as word docs and pdfs?
  2. Since pdfmake seems to be extreme difficult and time consuming to create again my proposals is it a way that I can match products with files and automatically send them as attachments? ir product [test1] is matched with test1.doc test1.pdf and test1.xlsx the client will get all of them while as attachments with the quote and be available inside the portal.
    7 Do you have any plans to create more proposal templates?
  3. I am sure that the community has already made loads of modules and extensions, where are those stored do you have any list?

Thank you all in advance for your time and patience.

  1. Proposals are not currently attached to emails
  2. Also, not yet implemented
  3. Also, not yet implemented (proposals are a newer feature)
  4. If the poposal is approved I think the quote should still be visible
  5. Sorry, no
  6. pdfmake is only used for invoices and quotes, we use grapesjs for proposals, maybe you could use Zapier?
  7. Yes, we plan to match the 10 invoice designs
  8. Modules are only supported with the self host version: https://github.com/invoiceninja/invoiceninja#third-party-modules

Hi Hillel, will a Quote be inserted into Proposals in an upcoming version?
Or have the option to insert the quote entries into the proposal?

Yes however it won’t be for some time, our main focus is v2.

The whole proposals functionality needs a huge re-work. It’s almost completely unusable right now, especially without the ability to send the Quote as PART of the Proposal.

No one’s going to agree to a Proposal without seeing the pricing.