Weird error 500 when doing a live payment with a subscription and stripe

Hi guys, I just did a test payment for $1 with a subscrption via stripe…

When processing the card info, the browser shows an error 500… I then clicked to go back to the portal homepage and the client portal loaded fine and showed that the invoice was paid…

I also recevied the payment confirmation email and everything looks good on the Stripe side as well? Any thoughts?

I’ve been having the same problem. The only issue is that I only just tried to get integrations going this afternoon, so I’ve been chasing down what I’ve been doing wrong, when it’s entirely possible that there’s some sort of weird outage that happens to have affected my Square integration right as I was trying to set it up. I’m getting error 500s from my clients, and when I’m trying to test, it just keeps telling me that the credit card information is invalid before it even lets me submit it. Something says server error. Anybody have any update on this?


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david @ben

@Savaal are you using the hosted invoice ninja?

Yes, I am. However, at some point late last night, whatever the problem was seems to have resolved itself. At least for me.