Website Direct Payment

How can I accept payment from my website…through my pay now buttons? To click a pay now or buy now button on any pricing package and get to the invoice ninja payment form from from my website… I have a form to fill out for the order, then click submit…to send in the request, now after clicking on submit, the form can transfer the client to another page…can this page send the person to a link related to amount and product submitted on the form…and they can pay?..

Sorry, buy now links only support selling a single product

As at now, NOT A SINGLE CANADIAN BANK was added to the list of bank payment method even in V5? very sad though. Canada aint big yet lol

version V5 has issue displaying company logo. whats wrong please?

“Sorry, buy now links only support selling a single product” …how do i do that?

If you’d like a specific gateway added please create an issue here:

It may help to set LOCAL_DOWNLOAD=true in the .env file and run php artisan optimize

Here are docs on subscriptions, as opposed to buy now links they support multiple products.