Webhook adding <p>...</p> to terms and private notes

Hi folks,

I’ve got a “quote signed” webhook set up as a trigger in Airtable, and it’s snagging because it’s adding html paragraph tags to the content of the terms and private notes fields.


It doesn’t happen every time; it seems random:

How do I stop this?


@david do you have any ideas?

The react interface uses tinymce a WYSIWYG editor which wraps all of the contents into


This would be the most likely explanation.

Ok, but how do I stop it?

It’s not every time, it’s random, and the information I’m putting in the private notes is necessary for the integration with Airtable.


I have a zap now stripping html from the private notes, but I don’t have a large enough sample yet to know if it’ll consistently work.

I’d rather have a solution that is certain, and that doesn’t require a zapier task to accomplish.