Web UI issues after upgrade


After upgrading from v5.5.86? to v5.5.98 everything seemed to work fine. However, I had my default UI set to Flutter and it all worked. Switched to React to test - all seemed fine there too. Switched back to Flutter and I got a blank screen. At the moment, I can only access the system via the app on my iPhone or Microsoft Store app.

Tries multiple browsers with no luck and the log file doesn’t seem to append any new data when navigating to the blank page.

Thanks for your assistance in advance!


It may help to run this SQL query:

UPDATE accounts SET set_react_as_default_ap = 0;

Thanks @hillel! It brought me back to the Flutter UI. It still will however fail if I click on the React button then relying on me to run that query again.

Just an FYI -

Thanks for the info, cc @david


I can recreate this, i’ll work on a fix.

@CTG in the next release this is resolved.

Thanks very much @david for your prompt response and solution to the issue!

Great product and support as always!