Ways to make V5 Hosted load faster


I’m using V5 Hosted on Chrome and it loads incredibly slowly, or often just times out. What strategies can I apply to get it into a usable condition? Should I clear cache? Use a different browser? Are you working on a fix for this already?


If you have a large account one option is to reduce the number of years to load on Settings > Device Settings. We have some backend changes planned for later in the month which should improve performance. You can also try the new beta web app at https://app.invoicing.co.

I’m not seeing anything about the number of years tio load under settings → device settings. Can you send me a screenshot?

I did see an option to turn on “persist data” that seemed like it might help, so I selected that. Will that help, or potentially will the cache cause unexpetced issues?

Sorry, the option is on Settings > User Details.

Two other options are to use the new web app or use the desktop app.

Thanks! That helped!

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