Way to extend admin and customer portals?

Hi there!

I’ve looked at the documentation and it dosen’t seems obvious if it’s possible or not…

I’ve found the custom module documentation for v4 and a forum post saying that nwidart/laravel-modules is used for custom modules.

However, I didn’t found that I can extend the customer portal or the admin portal on v5. I might be wrong or maybe I just didn’t find the right documentation, but It’s kind of sad that we can’t do that…

That being said:

  • Is it because I didn’t find the documentation?
  • If it’s not possible:
    • Do you have any plans to let self-hosted customer’s create modules to extend both UI
    • I should create my own portals based on API calls?



In v5 we use this package for custom modules:


Hi Hillel,

Yes, I also found that part. However, how did you implemented it with, let’s say, the flutter admin portal? How can I add a menu item there or in the client portal?

Do you have anything for that part? Like a developer manual?

Modules would allow your functionality to sit alongside the application, but currently not within the application.

In order to breakout you’d want to create a one time token

    Route::post('one_time_token', [OneTimeTokenController::class, 'create']);

Which provides a hash you can later use to resolve the user/company, authenticate, and then shift into your own view stack.