Want to get to know if the system sent an email

is there a way I can find out if the invoice ninja system has sent an email reminder to a customer?
Would it be possible to get a copy of that mail sent to my email adress?

I have a customer with an overdue invoice and would like to know if the system has sent him an email.



The past activity can be viewed in the system logs tab of the client preview panel.

You can add your email address as a BCC on Settings > Email Settings.

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thanks for your answer!
The BCC is a good tip!

I had a look at the client preview panel, but in system log I only see one entry several times and thats PDF → PDF successful.
There are no other entries.

I would assume that this also would be in the activity tab. There are entries like invoice created, sent and so on but not when the invoice is overdue…
Or this is not working on my system, so the overdue invoice doesn’t get sent and so there is no entry :smiley:
But we will know in some weeks :wink:

Regards alex

You can add the ‘Next Send Date’ column to the invoices data table to see when the invoice is scheduled to be sent next.

Thanks a lot, I just added the columns and will report when the next invoice gets sent :slight_smile: