Volume discounts?

Each of our products hvae prices depending on the purchased quantity, e.g.

 1 piece,  75,95 € each
 5 pieces, 71,81 € each
25 pieces, 60,47 € each

How to configure this in InvoiceNinja, so the discount is automatically applied when entering the quantity?


If you enable the quantity and discount options on Settings > Product Settings you could track this by adding multiple versions of each product,.

Ouch, we have 3 products, each in 3 editions.

Each product edition has 7 volume discount brackets, totalling in 63 product items.

For every purchase we would need to enter quantity and select from the long drop-down menu of 63 items. Each price change would mean editing 63 items.

Is this really the only solution?

I believe support for this is being tracked here:

Oh, this feature request is 2 yrs old. Doesn’t look like a quick one. Mmmh.

We try to prioritize work on issues based on the number of upvotes it has, adding ‘+1’ as a comment sends an email to everyone else subscribed to the issue.

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