Viewing all Gateways

Howdy! New IN convert (purchased the white label to support devs, and now trying to figure things out.)

I’d like to enable a couple gateways that don’t show by default. I’ve gone into the db and enabled a couple gateways that weren’t previously enabled, and disabled the ones that I know I won’t be using. I’ve cleared cache via ssh with compose, and also via the URL. My gateway select in Gateway setup is still showing the initial list though.

How do I get this list to show the selections configured in the db?


Which gateways are you referring to? If a gateway is hidden it probably isn’t fully working.

If you make changes to the database you’ll need to clear the app cache. I believe loading /update will clear it.

Coinbase, for example. Its in the DB, I enable it by changing viewable to 1, but no change on the frontend

Also, I’ve turned OFF all the gateways except Authnet, but all originals are showing:

just for example:

Sorry, it won’t work. They’re disabled for a reason.

We’re working our way though the list…

I see, so ONLY the ones showing in the list will work, the rest in there are basically a roadmap. I guess that makes sense, I may contribute the Coinbase gateway if I can get one of my guys on it.

What about the dropdown list of gateways though, how is that list modified?

When the payment gateway is ready to be deployed, you need to set the visible column to true, this will then display the payment gateway.

If you need guidance with a new payment driver please reach out, here are our reference docs for gateway development:

Thanks David, If you check out the images I shared above, you can see that I DID set them to true. But even with that modification, the new gateways do NOT pull through to the frontend. Any ideas?


The gateways table is cached so you’d need to bust the cache afterwards, this usually works by running

Settings > Device Settings > Refresh Data
Settings > Device Settings > Refresh Data

It should appear in the list after that.

There is no difference :confused:

have you also incremented the updated_at column ?

I did this morning; for each of the gateways I wanted to modify