View PDF does not work (but PDF generation does)

Hi All,

I’ve recently installed Invoice Ninja and everything seems to work except viewing PDFs. When I (for example) create a quote, then try to view it, I get a blank page with a spinning circle forever. No server error (e.g. 404 or 500) just no PDF. Launching console in the browser shows that it appears to be attempting to load https://localhost/blah rather than https://FQDN/blah. I have my APP_URL set correctly in .env and I’ve run php7.4 artisan optimize many times.

PDFs are definitely being generated though because if I try to download it or email it, I get a properly formatted file.

I’m using snappdf if that makes any difference.


@david any thoughts?


Are you running behind a proxy? you may need to add TRUSTED_PROXIES=* to your .env file.

No proxies. Just on a VPS in the open internet. I’m also using https with the enforce flag on. My APP_URL is set to https://FQDN if that makes any difference. The weird thing is that everything else, when viewing console, references http://FQDN/blah but not viewing a PDF.

OK, this looks like it might be solved. It was our old friend browser cache. I guess all that muck around with the settings getting everything working caused some weird stuff to be saved and it never got updated. Weird that it only affected that one URL and nothing else. Thanks anyway for your help, guys.