View detail for 'Outstanding' invoices?

On the main (manager) dashboard it shows the ‘Outstanding’ amount; however, I can’t find a way to view what specific invoices (and amounts) are included in that ‘outstanding’ amount.

I can see “Invoices Past Due”, but not invoices that are outstanding but not ‘past due’.

Is that available somewhere that I am missing?

[I’m running Self Hosted … soon to be]

The ‘Outstanding’ amount shown on the dashboard is the sum of all of your non-deleted clients’ balances. Each client balance is the sum of all non-deleted invoice balances.

If you always set the due date invoices which aren’t past due should be shown in ‘Upcoming Invoices’. To view a list of outstanding invoices you could use /invoices and then reverse by the balance column. Note: by default it won’t show any archived or deleted records.

Just a follow-up note (for anyone with similar issues).

I just found another ‘issue’ to watch for.

If you have any recurring invoices that were created prior to the recent patch, the due date wasn’t included on the invoice. That resulted in those invoices being included in the Outstanding amount; however, they were NOT included in the ‘Upcoming Invoices’ area.

If your ‘Outstanding’ amount is larger than your ‘Upcoming’ (plus ‘Past Due’) amount, take a look on the invoices list for any that don’t have a due date and just give them a due date. That should make things match-up better.

You need to mark all invoices as Sent. Mark as sent. I needed a while to figure it out :slight_smile:

It’s a bit confused situation. If you don’t mark the invoice sent the system will mark it Overdue hide Draft status. So you need to check every invoice is it’s draft or sent. When you mark all invoices as sent the Outstanding amount will be correct.

I hope it helps.


It’s a bug, in an upcoming release invoices will need to be sent to be considered overdue.


Will this also include partial invoices? I wish that partially paid invoices were considered as outstanding, but the don’t currently appear to be. In a similar note, the upcoming invoices doesn’t show either sent or partial invoices that don’t have a due date set, so that doesn’t help me either. Often, I don’t set a due date because it is a client that pays well and a due date can appear “pushy.” These invoices without due dates are sent and/or partially paid, but they don’t appear in outstanding or upcoming so I have to go to the invoices page and sort to find them. Fairly inconvenient process when one of the dashboard’s primary purposes should be to show you all the monies you have coming in.


In my quick test partially paid invoices are included in the outstanding amount, maybe the invoice is still a draft.

The app requires a due date to determine if an invoice is upcoming or past due.

Whoops, looks like that’s correct for my dashboard too. My expectations aren’t exactly aligned with what I see, so it was/is confusing to me. I have two partial invoices outstanding, one of which has had a partial payment made and one which is still expecting it’s first partial payment. The total outstanding is correct, but I was thrown off by the “last 30 days” which reflects the full amount of one invoice and ignores the partial due on the other old invoice that’s outside of the “last 30 days” window. I’ll have to get used to this.

So back to the upcoming invoices… I would consider any invoice without a due date to be upcoming, otherwise it gets lost and requires a trip to the invoices page and possibly a sort to find it. I’d write the logic like…

(psuedo code for example’s sake)

if( NULL == due_date || today_date <= due_date )
upcoming = true;
else // today_date > due_date
past_due = true;

Since a due date isn’t required before an invoice can be sent and because it can be a nice gesture to a client to not “demand” a due date, I don’t always expect to set a due date. But I still want to be able to see these “upcoming” invoices on my dashboard somewhere :confused:


Thanks for the feedback, I hear your perspective.

We’ll discuss it internally and consider the change for a future release.


Has this bug been addressed? I believe we have been experiencing something similar with recurring invoices that were generated as draft invoices. It seems that if we left the default customer payment terms of Net0 days, the invoice would be flagged as overdue almost immediately and its draft status would be lost.


I’m not sure, you may want to retest in v5