Version 5 problems with Centos 7.8


I have been trying to get V5 up and running on my Centos 7.x OS with MySQL and php 7.3 but am still having issues with the 500 error. Does it require Centos 8 (Cpanel not supported), MariaDB?

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Are there any details about the error in storage/logs?

I am not seeing anything. The only thing that is in that directory is .gitignore. Just to be sure, I checked the ver 4.9 folder and looked in the storage/logs folder and found some content but that probably doesn’t relate to the fresh ver 5 folder. I don’t even get a setup page for the ver 5

Any thoughts?

Sorry, without logs its hard to say.

In my experience if there is a 500 error there should be an error logged to either the web server error log or the application error log.

Am going to check that out now. Also, where can I find the strict requirements for the self hosted server?

I just want to make sure that is covered as well. For instance, it MariaDB required or will MySQL suffice?

Either database should work

I figured but just wanted to be sure and thanks for the link… I found that one but glad to know that is the correct list. Right now, am working on finding the missing modules so that I can get them installed.

I am having some issues turning these extensions on in easy apache / cpanel:

Sorry, I’m not sure I’m able to help with this

You may want to contact your webhost for advice

That issue has been resolved… I am hosting my site (s) on an AWS lightsail svr

Been having similar issues here:

I am running CentOS 7 64-bit