Hi Guys!

Could you please direct me to or give ma an overview of all variables available.

I would like to use every child-variable related to the variable $accountDetails to be able to design the PDFs.
For example $accountName throws back an error like “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property ‘0’ of string ‘name’”.

Thanks in advance and Greetings from Germany!


By the way: I don’t get the dimensions right. Which metrics are in use?
Is it mm or inches or something else? On an A4-sized-portrait-oriented-Invoice the second x-value of 555 is almost at the right border of the document.

Once you create your first invoice you’ll see the variables listed when viewing the help modal.

I’m not sure what metrics are used, you’ll need to review the docs here:

Hi Hillel,

you’re right. I am able to see some variables when I open the help modal. But those are only Client or Invoice Details. I am in need for the variables to my company (Name, Adress, Phone etc.).

I already searched the docs of pdfmake. There is no information if the widths and or heights or measures in general are in mm, cm, inches or even pixels.

You can use $ for the account name property, you can reference the database for other fields.

Hi Hillel,

it works. Thank you.

Can you tell me, what the variable is, which gets the type of the document? I want to set the type of the document, so that there is a heading like “Quote” or “Invoice”.

Either $entityType or $entityTypeUC (for upper case)

Hi Hillel!

Is it possible to not print the ID-column?

Also I’m fighting with the pageBreak and the dynamic content like “Page 1 of 2”, which both don’t work. Do you have any hints on those?

Can I share my Invoice Template somehow? I want to give someting back after I finished my work on the template.

By the way: IN and your support are great! White Label is bought.

And do you have an idea why the logo isn’t shown on the second page even if it is set up in the header and is shown correctly on first page?

Not sure about pageBreak, for ‘Page 1 of 2’ you need to use $pageNumber and $pageCount.

Does changing the design help with the logo?