V5 Updates not showing to PDF

Hello guys, do you know if I create a invoice it just stays like that in the PDF, any modifications aftewards dont show in the PDF. For example I changed the price on a item, it shows that I has been changed but when I download the PDF it just the original price or whatever information I have updated, its not shown in the PDF.


To be clear, are you changing the price of the item in the invoice (not in the products section)?

cc @david

browser could be caching - or user has queue’s configured, but not running

How do I check that?

Any changes I made, to the pdf for example if I add another product or if I add a text or anything won’t update the pdf. Once the invoice is created it just stays with the same information and will not show the update


if the .env file can you advise what the setting is for QUEUE_CONNECTOIN please

if that is set to database, then most likely your queue is not running, you can either change this setting to sync

or you will need to configure the queue, you can temporarily run the queue by running php artisan queue:listen

in the queue_connection says = Sync

ok, if you are on sync, then it will be a different issue.

are there any errors in the logs? logs can be found in storage/logs/laravel.log

I see this error:

production.ERROR: Downloaded Chromium binary is not executable. Make sure to set correct permissions (0755) {“userId”:1,“exception”:"[object] (Beganovich\Snappdf\Exception\BinaryNotExecutable(code: 0): Downloaded Chromium binary is not executable. Make sure to set correct permissions (0755) at /home/jlogizwu/public_html/quote/vendor/beganovich/snappdf/src/Snappdf.php:57)

Can you access ssh? If yes, go to your IN/chrome-path e.g. like this:



chmod 755 chrome

it should list permissions like here

-rwxr-xr-x 1 invoiceninja invoiceninja 291606424 Apr 6 13:07 chrome*

If this has no success, you might be hosting IN on a non-x64 plattform. In my case – I have a Raspberry 4 running with Ubuntu 20.04 Server where the binary is by nature not executable. I use the snap-binary of the distribution.