V5 - Softaculous - Shared Hosting - Cron Error

Hi. I’ve read the posts here and I am really stuck. Can someone please help.

I installed InvoiceNinja v5 using Softaculous on a subdomain of my shared hosting plan.

The red alert on Cron just doesnt want to go away.

Currently my cron job looks like this
cd /home/username/subdomain.domain.com && /opt/alt/php74/usr/bin/php -d register_argc_argv=On artisan schedule:run

How do I test if this is done right, without having to wait for an hour?
Please keep your replies to point and click thru cPanel… Im not too good with SSH :slight_smile:


It may help to load /update

cc @david is that correct?

Hi, thanks for responding.

Do you mean this? https://domainname/update

Can you please help check if my settings are correct?


will force the recheck


When I run /update?secret=
it reloads and I get a prompt to reinstall InvoiceNinja. Do I ignore that or install it?
The red error icon remains

If your cpanel offers a Terminal, you could try pasting the command that the cron would run directly into it?

E.g. the output I get back when I do that is “No scheduled commands are ready to run.”