V5 Setup on Shared Hosting

Hi, Good Day everyone,

So before this, I’m using v4 Invoiceninja that deploy through softaculous in Shared Hosting Environment.

So now im wondering if v5 can also be deploy in such environment?

I cant past the setup screen due to there’s no ready install NPM and Node in the shared server and my shared host provider doesnt want to install it unless I move to vps.

I wonder if there’s a work around around for his requirement

Hi @NoobKS92 NPM/Node is required if you wish to generate PDFs locally. There is another option which is using PhantomJS Cloud to generate the PDFs

For more info:


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i had add what you asked and it seem I still stuck at the requirement setup page. Well except for I didn’t have access to ssh (my hosting seems to disable everything for shared host) so I cant run “php artisan optimize”

But I stuck at setup page with no way to proceed.

Anyone who looking for a solution for the above problem, for me, my issues are fixed in the below version:

Release v5.0.23r-release


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Thanks for the update, glad to hear it!

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