V5 selfhosting temporary solution for login problems Installatron directadmin cpanel

Removed previous versions of the database instances from previous test installs from invoiceninja.

Uninstalled previous ninjainvoice test install with Installatron package manager
Clean install 5.3.22 recommended version from Directadmin-Installatron

Carefull above Will erase your data. So if you need to retain your data continue from here on on.

Using email and password, login with email.

Error: please check that invoice ninja v5 is installed on the server

Return to the Installatron page. Lookup the invoiceninja installation. Click on the wrench icon (view/edit details).

IT opens the overview page of the settings.
Enter AGAIN your password. It can be the same that previously did not seem to work.

Click button located in the bottom of the page: Save All

Go to the login page and enter your e-mail and matching password.
It should work now