V5 Self Updater Broken

I am on v 5.1.43 (self hosted) and when I look at the self updater I am told that 5.1.43 is the latest version.

When I force update, bascially nothing happens. So I downloaded 5.1.62 zip file, backed up my 5.1.43 install, unzipped 5.1.62 overtop of .43, recopied my .env file, but…its still telling me im on .43?


@david any ideas?


Are you on shared hosting or your own server?

You may want to try the folowing URLs

Append ?clear_cache=true to the URL


Append /update?secret=

The self updater was changed between .43 and .62

more info here.

Own Server (AWS)
I did try the /update, but will try clear_cache, and read the link and will report back