V5 Self Hosted via Softaculous - what configuration worked well for you

If you are running v5 Self Hosted via Softaculous, please reply to this thread with a brief description of your server’s configuration. I am most interested in OS version, Control Panel and amount of futzing required to get v5 working.

I tried configuring v5 on a cPanel server running Centos 7.9, it loaded but seemed frail, periodically, I would get a server not responding message, then when I tried upgrading v4 to v5, IN said v5 wasn’t running on the host server.

It seems to be time to move to v5, but I want to install and update on a platform that is running Softaculous, since cPanel tripled their costs, I have been looking at alternatives. Proxmox is my VM server, so I am most interested in Debian 10 / Ubuntu 20LTS. On the control panel front, anything that supports Softaculous for example Plesk, myVesta or perhaps cPanel when Ubuntu support is provided.

Thank you!