V5 not having direct URLs to everything breaks about 15 zaps

Super not happy about being forced to V5 where things don’t work as well as V4 as far as zapier is concerned.

With no direct URLs showing it is near impossible to create links and place them in other applications that let you jump directly to what you need. Everything forces you to the home screen to start from scratch which is a terrible user experience.

You need a setting to TURN ON URL showing.


Not sure I follow, we only show client portal URLs in Zapier which should be available as they are in v4.

Sorry I wasnt clear. In v4 I see this link in the address bar and can recreate it, and post it in slack or other locations to allow me to “jump” directly to where I need to be.

In v5, the address bar never changes, it only says Invoice Ninja which makes it impossible for me to build direct links.

I need to always see the direct URL in the address bar.

Thanks, understood. We’re planning to support this in the future.

Just to correct one thing, above you wrote you were forced to change to v5. We still support v4 if you prefer to use it for now. We aren’t allowing new accounts to be created but if you already have an account you can continue to use it.

V4 was dropped from zapier connection so I had to switch to make things work. At this point, its not worth going back.

When will these links be able to be used?

We aren’t able to provide ETAs for future changes, this won’t be available for some time.

This is my exact same problem, the reason I use InvoiceNinja as opposed to another platform is its ability to provide a direct URL to the Invoice/Quote, allowing clients to approve a quote or pay for an invoice without requiring login.
V5 is now forcing log in, (not sure if there is a workaround).
I have yet to test V5’s API responses, but if what the tschwartz is saying is correct, then I’m in trouble.
Now Zapier has forced migration into V5, we need the direct links to quotes and invoices, this makes InvoiceNinja superior to other platforms and is an essential element.
Also bypassing the password requirement (any help regarding this will be appreciated)
When viewing an Invoice in the portal, I can briefly see the direct URL on screen (one with no password required), so it definitely exists, this can be passed to the API.
Any way of at least eliminating password requirement for now? It doesn’t let me manually delete user passwords. Maybe a mass update of all records?
If the V4 APIs are still operational I will try going back to V4 and replacing Zapier with an in-house solution.
Thank you!

v5 supports direct links which clients can use to view/pay invoices in the client portal. v5 does not yet support direct links for admin to view invoices in the admin portal.

Please create a new post and we’ll help with any other questions you have.

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So when is this going to be supported? How far out is this solution?

Sorry, we aren’t able to provide ETAs for future features. This will be part of a new React based web app we’re building, it won’t be available for at least a few months.

Curious if you have any timeline update here?