V5 migration issues

This topic is just to aid others (and as a memo to myself) with migration.

I’m on hosted so I wasn’t expecting much issues. In total it is not too bad, but there are some issues you should be aware of before migrating.

  1. I’m on pro plan with several companies. In V4 you could have a seperate login details on each seperate company. Now you have to login with one master account.
  2. API keys (for e.g. Zapier and Integromat) aren’t migrated.
  3. Zapier zap’s need to be changed to the new InvoiceNinja V5 module in Zapier.
  4. Integromat also has new module, so you need to change the scenarios. There are some functional issues too. There are fields missing like contactperson details. Pretty basic and essential in invoices so I expect Integromat to add that pretty soon.
  5. Customernumber issues in migrations which lead to sorting problems. InvoiceNinja is working on the sort issue.
  6. If you setup number patterns for invoices, watch out. It doesn’t get migrated. You need to setup again.
  7. Check your invoice template. I added some fields to the template but they aren’t migrated to V5 so you should modify that after migration.

This lists sound worse than it is. Would have been nice if InvoiceNinja would have made a checklist for these, but all in all migration went pretty smooth and support is as allways pretty fast.

Thanks for sharing these notes, we’ll try to add missing info to the docs.

Note: I’ve just checked in a fix for #5, it will be corrected in the next release.

Another issue:
8. VAT settings are not migrated. So you have to go to Settings-VAT and set it there again.

@david can this be improved?


Are you saying your taxes didn’t migrate at all? that certainly shouldnt happen.

yes, taxes didn’t migrate. Can’t check the old settings, but I noticed that my new invoices were without taxes. So then I checked and changed the above settings.If I remember it correctly in V4 I didn’t set it at product level but at invoice level. When looking into the V5 settings, tax was disabled and no tax tariffs were set. I’m sure I set it at V4.

Just discovered iDeal payments via Mollie isn’t working in V5: Payment button not working in V5

Yeah I know. I should have checked but was wrongfooted because an older invoice got payed by iDeal after the migration. So I assumed it was working. Anyway it isn’t.

This is a real hassle as customers can’t pay now via iDeal (which is the preferred online payments option in the Netherlands) and it involves a lot of work:

  1. Remove online payments gateway
  2. Modify invoice template references to iDeal
  3. Remove email template references to iDeal
  4. Inform repeat customers they can’t pay now anymore via iDeal
  5. Alter website references to iDeal
  6. Put all those back when iDeal Mollie is implemented by InvoiceNinja

So I hope InvoiceNinja has a quick release of Mollie iDeal payments: see Github request

@hillel sorry for the ping but as this is an old thread I just wanted to be sure someone noticed this. I’m in the process of migrating to V5, and mostly everything looks fine so far. However, the invoice templates I set up in V4 haven’t ported across at all.

Is there a way to do it manually, can support help me get it ported or will I have to manually recreate them?

I don’t mind being tagged but it’s helpful if you can create new posts rather than add to old ones.

In v5 we’ve changed to using HTML/CSS based invoice designs, the migration doesn’t support converting the v4 designs.

Heh, I actually replied to this thread because I thought it would be less obtrusive, given that the issue with templates not copying is noted here :man_shrugging:

Anyway, point taken, and thanks for getting back to me so quickly, appreciate it. Looks like I have some templating to get to.

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