V5 Installation on Softaculous

Hi there, I have just installed a fresh v5 via Softaculous. It installed successfully with this version
Version : 5.1.31, 4.5.37
Release Date : 23-03-2021

On the login screen, I enter the same username and pw I used in the install page and click on sign in with email. This happens on both the main site and the administrative url (/public)

Error :: '[{id: 4, capital: Kabul, citizenship: Afghan, country_code: 004, currency: af...' to 'minified:y<minified:j4>' failed due to: Deserializing '[id, 4, capital, Kabul, citizenship, Afghan, country_code, 004, currency, afg...' to 'minified:j4' failed due to: Tried to construct class "CountryEntity" with null field "thousandSeparator". This is forbidden; to allow it, mark "thousandSeparator" with @nullable.

The login then gets stuck on the login screen and unable to proceed further.


It may help to clear the cache by adding ?clear_cache=true to the URL

@david any ideas?

After adding ?clear_cache=true to the url somehow it gives an error to use public path although it was already on that path.

However after removing the ?clear_cache=true after loading the page with it, it seems to login just fine! Thanks Hillel!

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!