V5 in Softaculous

Will V5 will be in Softaculous as it is version 4.5? is it worth it to install 4.5 and the upgrade or should go straight to V5?



We plan to release v5 to Softaculous once we have a stable release, in about 3 months.

I think that depends on your tolerance for bugs, at this point the stability of v5 is yet to be determined. If you plan to customize the invoice design it may be worth using the beta so you don’t have to redo it later.

Thanks for your advice ill go for V5, hopefully Invoice Ninja will free some of my time and might be able to help with some translations into Spanish.

That would be awesome, thanks!

When is this happening now the stable has been released?

As soon as possible, we’re working with them to get it ready.


I’m guessing V5 will be released as a separate app on Softaculous because the codebase is so different? Or will it update the current V4 and do all the migrations for us?

Correct, v5 will be a new app so you can migrate over.

Thank you
A bit off topic here but when we do a migration will V4 be rendered useless or does the migration just copy data to the new database?
I would like to keep V4 in production for a little while whilst I test V5 with all our data

When you migrate v4 is left as is while v5 is kept in a deactivated state, when you’re happy with v5 you can activate it and replace v4.