V5 - Importing Expense "Date - Expense" Column Not Accepting Input

  • v5.1.34-C45
  • Docker v5

Similar to 5917 - Expenses and Date Listing but the problem happens during importing an expense.

When using the “Date - Expense” column during Expense Importing, the imported Expense doesn’t accept the date value. The "Public Notes - Expense " (obviously) and “Payment Date - Expense” carry the string in correctly.

I tried updating my localization to the “/” and the different variations (month day year, year month day, etc) to no avail. Looks like the DateFormatsSeeder.php already cleans up the date anyhow.

This does not appear to happen in v4 (app.invoiceninja.com).


What format date are you using?

cc @david

Whoops - sorry about that. The date format I’m using is below: