V5 :: How to preview invoices in HTML instead of PDF?

Having some trouble with the PDF preview refreshes not being reliable and also not being able to see CSS attributes clearly, etc. Is there a way to actually have an HTML preview instead of PDF?

It would be so nice if we could choose which preview to have - such as a toggle or some such switch wherewith we could preview both types and thus while doing the actual editing we could get a faster and more reliable preview.

What would be even better would be to load it up as a URL directly to use a tool like Pinegrow in order to edit it with the live HTML in place for CSS edits.


Have you tried the ‘draft mode’ option, it switches from PDF to HTML

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WOW. Thanks for differentiating that. I would highly recommend changing the terminology and instead of saying it is less accurate, simply say that it is an HTML preview that will not appear precisely as printed. Therefore we would have a “PDF Preview” vs “HTML Preview” - which makes so much more sense and solves the issue.

Somehow I overlooked turning it on in the documentation and so I think integration right in the user interface about more clearly differentiating what draft actually is would be most helpful.


By the way, thanks for altering this to say HTML now. This is much more clear.

Agreed, thanks for the suggestion :grinning:

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