V5 hide company dashboard from users

How do I hide the company dashboard from users on the enterprise plan? I want my user to create and edit invoices, clients, expenses, etc but not see the overall accounting numbers for the company every time they log in


The dashboard only totals the records the users can see, they aren’t able to see the total numbers for the company.

That might be a show stopper then as I need the user to see all invoices as I sometimes create the invoice that they will take payment for etc.

I know they can tally all the invoices to get the totals but I don’t want it flashed in their faces every time they log in. It was the first thing they noticed when they logged in this morning to the v5 site.

In version 4 this page (dashboard) was hidden.

Feel free to create an issue here to request the feature:

done. thank you. Any idea on timeline for such a feature?

Sorry, we aren’t able to provide ETAs for future features

Maybe you could redirect them on a different page if the problem is only at arrival ? That could be easy to do if you’re self hosting. Or I believe so. Unfortunately I’m no server master…