V5 - Expense to Invoice PDF - Missing Line Item

  • v5.1.34-C45
  • Docker v5

This happens when converting or adding an expense to an invoice. The invoice page itself shows each line item (expense). However, the PDF itself does not show the line item (expense).

When manually inputting a new line item (expense) on the same invoice, that shows up.

The PDF therefore could have:

  • Converted expense for 5
  • Manual expense for 5
  • Subtotal of 10

The GitHub issues suggested I post here, first.


Thanks for reporting this!

@david any thoughts?

Thanks! Additionally, this does not appear to happen in v4 (app.invoiceninja.com).


Expenses have a type_id of 6, we’ll want to show these on the product table so we’ll need to allow type_id 1 + 6 on the product table please

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