[V5] Custom field invoice bug

I found a bug with the custom fields.
When I create a custom field into invoice and put in the field only numbers, those numbers become the amount of the invoice.

For example
→ if the amount of the invoice is 500$
→ I put “12341234” in the custom field
→ the invoice amount becomes 12341234$

Am I doing something wrong or is there a snippet to fix that or will there be an update?
Thank you.


Can you please post a screenshot?

Note: if it’s a custom surcharge the amount would be added to the invoice total.

Thank you for your reply.
It’s not a surcharge field.
I posted the screenshot, you can notice the issue also by yourself in the demo version available online on the website.

Thanks, is it incorrect on the PDF as well?

Yes, it is incorrect in PDF as well.

@david, any thoughts on this?

Looks like we were adding custom_value_X to the invoice totals. I’ve checked a fix in.

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