V5 a horrible downgrade from V4?

@basil-mohamed-gohar thank you, we are doing our best :slight_smile:

@duncanpt sorry to hear your experience hasn’t been great. We know the migration isn’t perfect for everyone.

Wow, a new ‘low’ in functionality.
Clients now can’t pay.
I go into the desktop app and it tells me to ‘upgrade to a paid plan to enable the advanced settings’.
I’ve been paying every month, despite the software not having basic functionality working.

I’m SO close to sending a note to the BBB about this as you forced us to switch to v5 and it is broken. And now you’re not giving me access to services that I have paid for.

And on top of this, I can’t get paid by my clients now.

This has gone a bit too far.

I really agree with others saying that it’s such a big downgrade. A lot of clients that normally would’ve opened my invoices are now not even receiving it.

And you cannot export your invoices either, like it was the case in v4. There you could just export invoices to csv. But now, you get some strange data which I can only open with Atom.

I had multiple accounts on v4 and now I am getting forced to go to v5. So that’s really a bummer, because it will just cost a lot of money because invoices won’t even reach their inboxes. Why don’t you just upgrade the current v4 to a better version? That would be such much better and I think most people would agree. I mean, you are here for your customers right not to let them lose money.

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If you’re seeing specific problems with v5 we’re more than happy to help but ask that you create a new post.

  • It may help to use https://www.mail-tester.com to check for any problems
  • You can export invoices to CSV using the v5 reports.
  • We’re currently developing a new web app for v5 which will be very similar to the v4 interface

I just moved from v4 to v5. Shows my latest invoice as May 2021. What happened to all my invoices from June 2021 till today July 19, 2022? Or does it take a day to migrate?

The migration shouldn’t take too long, if you still need help please create a new post.

So, this morning (as instructed) I logged into v4 and went to Settings>Account Management, and I clicked “Disable” under the section "Forward customers to V5. Nothing happened.

V4, it still shows **Plan FREE even though I am paid through November 2022. But more sadly it says: “V4 is now disabled for your account. Please migrate

This is getting to be a nightmare. I am stuck between v4 and v5. V5 is missing invoices after May 2021. I am trying to go back to v4. I will try tomorrow.