V5.9.5 zip file not found

The zip file for the newest version says not found and is not listed on Github. I also see that it is not available for the previous version as well.

Is this a change to only using tar files or will the zip be made available?

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@david can you please advise?


The .tar provided a smaller size so we preferred this one.

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The .zip file linked on the invoiceninja.org site doesn’t work and 5.9.5 doesn’t appear as an update when using the snap app. Changing the link to end in .tar did download a file with a web browser.

Quite new to the React app which seems to work properly but no signs of updates there. Nothing showed when using React 5.9.2 but I was able to update using the snap app to 5.9.4. No signs of 5.9.5 though.

Understandable, zip compression is notoriously ineffective. I was just unaware of the change and wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. I’ll update with the tar file. Thanks.

I may recommend updating the website (as noted above) to link to the tar file instead of the zip. That will potentially confuse others who self host using the direct install method like me. Although, I’d guess that due to the popularity, most people/businesses self hosting are using the Docker install.


Good call on the docs, i’ll update this now.

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@david So, I see there are 2 tar files now. One is labelled is invoiceninja.tar and the other is react-invoiceninja.tar. Previously, the zip file included both react and flutter, do we now only install one or the other? Or does the former include both and the latter only include react? What happens if someone had installed the former but then installs the latter over the top?

Thanks for the answers!

By the by, many of the docs still reference the zip file.

Is there a way to check version information via CLI?

I’ve just updated to v5.9.5 using the tarball and the about still lists v14.04.2024.1, which does not seem correct.

Edit: I don’t normally use the desktop app because flatpak installs way too much extra rubbish duplicating what I already have on my system, so I use the web UI. Not to mention the flatpak uses GTK and I use Plasma, causing additional complexities and bloat. Because of that, the flatpak would usually crash. I have temporarily installed the flatpak again and whilst some major errors still persist, I was able to verify it’s updated to current.


I have been working on a new build process which is the other .tar you are seeing - the react-invoiceninja.tar file

We use this build in the Docker application and it does work well eventually we’ll migrate to this.

We build the react application from the develop channel, so it is the latest and greatest, the version you are seeing there is the latest release tag which is not correct.

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Very nice! So what happens if I build with the react tarball when I’ve previously used the zip or regular tarball?