v5.5.27-C95 & PDF Generation

SnapPDF was working just fine, but always slow generating PDF’s for some reason (never got around to debug) … so I had set the env to PDF_GENERATOR=hosted_ninja which was much better.

Updated v5.5.27 (from v5.5.25), and saw PDF generation performance was improved w/ intermediary v5.5.26 … so I set env PDF_GENERATOR=snappdf to see how it was, and PDF generation is very snappy (just like hosted_ninja).

However, when I go to ‘About > Health Check’ shows SnapPDF is not enabled … how can I confirm which PDF generation is being used? (env is indeed set to snappdf now, and I did ‘Clear Cache’ & Refreshed after update)

Note: I no longer get the SECOND ‘Memory Limit is less than 512M’ error (after the first PHP Info > Memory Limit: 1G in the Health Check)


It may help to load /update?secret= in the browser