V5.3.17 Release

New Features:

Square Payment Driver
Mollie Bank Transfer
Client Statements

Additional currencies

  • Gambia Dalasi
  • Paraguayan Guarani
  • Malawi Kwacha
  • Zimbabwean Dollar
  • Cambodian Riel
  • Vanuatu Vatu

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Tech Design: Logo improvements
Showing partial due on the quotes
Add inline download capability
Support for PDF hot reload in PDF.js
Resolve client correctly in webhooks
Ensure clients have a contact post import
Fixes for square test mode
Fixes for ZOHO imports
Force defaults to show in preview PDF
Minor fixes for braintree Merchant Account ID
Fixes for incorrect gateway fee calculation edge case
Remove back button from subscription purchase page
Selectively show recurring dates schedule
Parse line breaks for terms, public notes & footer
Include invoices with payment webhooks
Fixes for parsing floats when the number is less than 1
Fixes for taxes in reports
Fixes for recurring invoices not passing along inclusive taxes flags
Convert special variables :MONTH when converting a recurring invoice to invoice
Allow public notes to convert from quote to invoice


Thanks for the release. How to upgrade the system manually? Is there any instruction?


It depends how you have installed the application:

  1. Softaculous - wait for them to release the upgrade on their platform.
  2. Via ZIP - use self updater.

More info here: Free Source Available Invoicing, Expenses & Time-Tracking | Invoice Ninja