V4 > v5 migration: Credits not migrated

Migrated from v4 - v5, after a few attempts (including forcing migration) managed to get everything except for credits migrated to v5.

Is there some other way other way I can migrate this to v5?

Running v5.3.31-C67


@david can you please advise, do v4 credits become unapplied payments in v5?

Just checked, at this appears to be the case… not where I expected to find them.

However, it in v4, credits would show on a statement and client overview, so I and they would know how much of a credit they had on the account, this doesnt seem to be shown anywhere with unapplied payments"?


Yes Credits in v4 become Unapplied payments in v5, we’ll discuss internally the best way to present this data

Has there been any update to this? I just tried converting to v5 and have the same issue. My use case in v4 is we use “credits” to denote donations to our non-profit organization. Invoices & payments are used for billing annual membership fees. How can I either (1) modify my records in v4 before migrating to v5 so that both invoice payments and credits/donations are properly accounted for in v5 or (2) handle these “unapplied” payments in v5 so that they are properly reflected in v5?

Below is an example of how the credits showed up in the results when I ran php artisan ninja:check-data:

2022-02-19 04:36:33 <client name 1> id = # 3879 - Paid to date does not match Client Paid To Date = 75.000000 - Invoice Payments = 80
2022-02-19 04:36:33 <client name 2> id = # 3886 - Paid to date does not match Client Paid To Date = 75.000000 - Invoice Payments = 100

In the above example <client name 1> paid $80 toward his invoice ($75 invoice amt + $5 donation). <client name 2> paid $100 toward his invoice ($75 invoice amt + $25 donation).

What can I do via either (1) or (2) above to address this use case?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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We are still running into this problem on the latest versions. Has this been solved? After migrating almost Credits and Payments are missing and the invoices are fully incorrect. Because of this we are stuck on version 4.

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