V4 to v5 migration of multiple companies

migrations seemed to work but my companies are no longer tied together under one login. I really liked being able to toggle between companies without having to logout and login. How do I maintain this functionality after migrating from version 4 to version 5?


@david can you please advise?

There will be one email address which is the account owner email which will be able to navigate across all companies.

That’s how it used to be in version 4 but not how it goes across to version 5. It does not let me choose an email address to associate with the companies - only the one they had used before. I didn’t migrate all companies at once (started with the “child” companies to check for errors). Is this what is causing the disassociation?

In v4 we required each user to have a unique email address for every company they belong to. In v5 we’ve improved the app to support linking a single user record to multiple companies.

There is a company selector in the top left corner of the app, you would need to migrate each company to make them available in v5.

I figured it out. I deleted all companies in v5 and them imported all companies from the parent in one motion. This enabled them to be all linked together on the v5 side. thanks